5 signs you should come see a Dermatologist ASAP

5 signs to see a dermatologist - CoreenMD

You’re here because you want great skin. But chances are, you’ve never been to a skin doctor. No, I don’t mean those ladies in skincare counters donning white coats aka uniforms pushing the latest skin products for a sale. Not even facial therapists in aesthetic skin centers claiming to be clear skin experts. What I mean, my dear, are full-fledged dermatologists who are board-certified both in being general physicians and as dermatologists, you know, after specializing in the field for 3-4 full years (some even longer!).

There is a reason it takes long, people. And that is because the skin is such a large, complex, complicated b*tch of an organ and there are so many different events that cause problems such as acne, eczema, skin sensitivity, and every single skin problem you may be experiencing. As dermatologists, we are equipped with all the knowledge there is to find what is causing your problem. And if that isn’t convincing enough, here are 5 more reasons why you should go see one.

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