5 signs you should come see a Dermatologist ASAP

You’re here because you want great skin. But chances are, you’ve never been to a skin doctor. No, I don’t mean those ladies in skincare counters donning white coats aka uniforms pushing the latest skin products for a sale. Not even facial therapists in aesthetic skin centers claiming to be clear skin experts. What I mean, my dear, are full-fledged dermatologists who are board-certified both in being general physicians and as dermatologists, you know, after specializing in the field for 3-4 full years (some even longer!).

There is a reason it takes long, people. And that is because the skin is such a large, complex, complicated b*tch of an organ and there are so many different events that cause problems such as acne, eczema, skin sensitivity, and every single skin problem you may be experiencing. As dermatologists, we are equipped with all the knowledge there is to find what is causing your problem. And if that isn’t convincing enough, here are 5 more reasons why you should go see one.

1.    You’ve spent so much money trying different skincare products

Your face shouldn’t be an experimental subject. I can’t even begin to tell you the many horror stories I hear on a daily basis regarding misused products. Often times seeing a dermatologist will save you money in the end because you avoid buying all these falsely-advertised stuff that may actually either do more harm than good, or simply do nothing to address your problem. For my Filipina/ Philippine readers, I know money can be hard to come by, but know that seeing a doctor is never a waste of money. It can actually be the best investment for your future self. (Next article)

2.    You already have scars and pigmentation

This is not a good sign. I, for one, absolutely want to prevent as much scarring as possible because these guys are so resilient that I feel sorry for my patients when they end up spending to have them treated instead of having been able to prevent them. So if you already have them, please come see us as soon as possible.

3.    Facials have made your skin worse

Facials are not supposed to make your skin worse. No, no, no. Facials are supposed to be good adjuncts to a targeted skin regimen that is for your particular skin type. The reason why it’s gotten worse is probably due to a multitude of factors and a derma will figure it out for you.

4.    You’ve stopped going out because you’re embarrassed about your skin

It’s a sign to go to us because your dermatologist most probably has seen more than a hundred cases similar to yours (or even worse!) and she/he will probably understand your situation the most. That is what 3-4 years of dermatology residency gives you (aside from the theoreticals and all the character building hehe). It’s time to have someone pull you out of your misery and us dermatologists will be more than happy to do that!

5.    You wear full coverage foundation every single day

Girl, don’t get me wrong. I love me a good full coverage foundation for those all-day photo-ridden events. But they’re not for everyday, unless you’re hiding under it for some reason. Address those problems from the root cause and let your skin heal properly. Skin needs to glow from within and honestly, everyone can tell when your foundation is as thick as molasses.

Any of these signs applicable to you? Then come see a real skincare expert aka a dermatologist right away. We’d love to help you achieve your best skin.


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